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Eighteen years old when I moved to NYC. Now I’m thirty and the city still morphs every season, though not always on cue. Its with a slight hysteria that I, along with thousands of others, manage to carve out a few extra hours every week for some kind of candied nourishment topped with just enough human interaction to make me appreciate winter solitude.

The Brooklyn Book Fair kicked off my social effort. If you didn’t go you missed out on tables and tables of indie publishers peddling books and magazines for mostly half priced. I bought nothing, scored two free books and listened to an awkward conversation between Jhumpa Lahiri and a book reviewer. Lahiri was not as friendly as I wanted her to be. Her writing is so intricate and internal that I thought she’d be my new best friend. Her loss.

Tis also the season for soccer games. And just because the Red Bulls were the victims of the worst corporate name brainstorm in history doesn’t mean they’re not worth a 20 minute path ride to Harrison, NJ to cheer them on. That 3 goals were scored against them in the first 20 minutes does. But hey, there got Mozzarepas.


Plus the stadium rather rocks for those of us with poor vision:

Red Bulls Stadium Harrison, NJ

And last Saturday, when foodies flocked to Governor’s Island for Vendy food, I “tasted” over 100 kinds of wine from a selection of 250 in the most ladylike way possible (yes, there were boas and temp tattoos). Second Glass hosted Wine Riot, and if you missed it you ought to consider the DC event in late October. $20 will get you in the door. The vendors can’t sell any wine, only do tastings, so there’s no sales-y pressure. Plus free seminars and cheap food for carnivores (someday gluten-free vegans will get a tiny little corner on every menu).

I wish I could share my favorite wines, but I kind of lost track after the first stop at an Italian Soave table. The event’s 4 hours long. We expected to be in and out, but as it turns out winemakers and marketing types are nice and chatty and easier to talk to than the book peeps, which helps you pace yourself.

And if you made it this far, here’s one you haven’t missed: Brooklyn Botanical’s Chocolate and Chili Fiesta. This will be my third year going, and I’m not ashamed to say its the free chocolate samples that keep me coming back. Oh there’s music and pickles and an amateur chef take down if you’re in the mood for being a judgmental. In other words, see you there. I’ll be the one not in a boa.