Last time I attended a mass gathering was at President Obama’s inauguration in D.C. We organized three bus loads of people from NYC to the inauguration and back. It was a long cold uncomfortable two days that ended in a 3 hour traffic jam because someone called in a threat of some sort and they shut down the highway.

The sun had yet to rise when we arrived in D.C. with hundreds of other buses. It took hours to park and hop a public bus to the Washington Mall. We ended up standing near the monument with a partial view of a large screen that broadcasted the ceremony. Once it began, I forgot to pay attention to any of the speeches as I couldn’t get over the pure energy of standing in a sea of happy people. My feet were frozen by the time we left. Still I walked back slowly, trying to savor how strangely content and universal it all seemed. People had the same expressions on their faces: a mix of glad-I-came-but-now-I’m-really-hungry.

The growing OWS movement isn’t about which political party you support. Across the world, it’s about accountability and bridging the gap between the banksters & corporations and the rest of us.

Bloomberg may be patting himself on the back for putting up an eviction notice on the occupiers, taking away their tents and sleeping bags, but he can’t stop a moving train.

Thousands of people didn’t go to the inauguration in the dead of winter because it promised comfort. They went for their own lists reasons. Maybe like me some were caught up in the excitement of a President I believed in. In the certainty that things would change. And that they have.

So…got any plans for Saturday? October 15th marks a global day of protest.

In NYC: 5PM in Time Square

It won’t be comfy. I can think of an endless list of places I’d rather be, things I’d rather do on any given day than gather with thousands in Time Square, but I’m going. My conscience won’t let me not. And it’s good to get caught up in what you know is right, even if it’s not clear where the train is going or how it plans to get there. All aboard.

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