Helicopter over Time Square

About a week ago on October 15th thousands of people gathered in Time Square to join in with dissenting voices calling for a global day of protest. We arrived before 5pm and saw the crowd swell and shift in rhythm with sirens and chanting and tireless drumming. From inside, even with a newscopter hovering right above us, the gathering felt calm. Signs reflected the demographic from suburban soccer moms and students, to redditors calling to ‘Occupy All of the Places’.

October 15th Time Square

                                                Later I was treated to that same disorienting perspective you get when you arrive early to a sold out show and the crowd builds around you. Things can feel downright sedate until you stand up and the room is filled with heads all moving in different directions and for some reason a cop appears and he’s on a horse. And the whole scene continues to continue.

Suburban Soccer Moms sign

It’s getting colder in New York. Zuccotti Park is a different place than it was only a few weeks ago. It’s cleaner, more organized and accessible. When media coverage tends to focus on what the movement lacks, you can go to Occupy the Board Room and read a few of the 6000 plus letters written by individuals to get a clearer sense of the pieces making up the whole.