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Keeping strange company these days. Meet Bee. I met / trapped Bee between the window screen and pane, put down the curtain and forgot all about him until the next morning when he woke up hungry and weak. Once it finally occurred to me to open up the screen, he didn’t fly away and I didn’t have the heart to flick him out.

If you ever need to nurse a bee back to health simply dip a towel in my sister’s creamed honey and pour a thin layer of water over the sill. The water helps it glide around and the honey puts so much pep in its step it’s embarrassing (I think Bee got a little tipsy).

After two days, Bee took off and I couldn’t help feeling conned. My natural instincts tell me to kill or be stung, but at the first sign of weakness I drop my sword and serve up honey? Not that I have ever described myself as ‘hard’, but my time with Bee left no doubt I’ve gone soft.

The question is not: who’s to blame? Clearly that’s society.

The question on my mind is how to shut out all of the glossy noise without branding myself a crank- or at least shun anyone who thinks cupcakes are a topic of conversation OR who uses the phrase ‘blissed out’ when summing up the weekend. I’m not going recluse just yet, just sharpening the edges. If, like me, you find yourself moodier than usual this time of year don’t go on a bee rampage. But here are a few things that have made me feel a little better recently:

What about you?


The Airborne Toxic Event