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Sadly Small Beer Press discontinued their Working Writer’s Daily Planner. In the two years this existed, I came to rely on the smooth little pad. There’s much to be said for keeping a list of your submissions throughout the year and glancing at them every now in the spirit of ‘Look, I am awesome.’

Small Beer Press Working Writer Daily Planner

The real value of the planner was in the listings. With thousands of writing contests, residencies and fellowships available every year, it’s effortless to get overwhelmed in trying find a few to go for. The planner, or the folks behind the planner, did all the leg work of selecting some of the very best opportunities and highlighting them in the pages of the planner. If you’re in need of an awesome expired planner, the 2010 and 2011 planners are still available. Most of the listings are annual.

Until another lovely planner comes along, or a bout of productive insomnia in which I make my own, there’s a still a few fantastic resources for writers online:

Duotrope offers a free submission tracker and 3650 opportunities for fiction writers and poets.

Poets & Writers magazine’s Tools for Writers page includes submission info for literary journals and magazines, small presses, conferences and residencies, & grant and award deadline reminders.

And you? Any writing goals this year?