It was worth taking the morning off to catch the Hunger Games. Just me, boyfriend and 100 school kids.

The Hunger Games movie

You don’t have to read the Hunger Games book to enjoy the movie, though I bet you’ll enjoy it more after reading the it. It lives up to the hype regardless. Definitely worth catching on the big screen, and thankfully it’s not 3-D.

I had my doubts when Jennifer Lawrence was cast. She’s a great actress, but hardly the 16-year old scrappy Katniss I pictured in my head when reading the book. She’s good in the film though. Wood Harrelson was brilliant as Haymitch, as was Stanley Tucci as the MC.

At 2 hours 22 minutes, the movie is gritty and surreal. The soundtrack is fantastic. The first thing we do after seeing a movie based on a book, ahem Harry Potter, is nitpick any important moments the movie leaves out. Hunger Games stayed true to the book, I can’t think of any details that were left out – though NPR did.

My younger sister lent me the first book when it was still a new release. I procrastinated reading it because a dystopian novel built on a reality television show didn’t exactly sell itself. Then, like many readers, I couldn’t put the book down. The same should be said for the movie. My body was begging me for a cup of coffee and I could smell it brewing at the concession stand. There were only two short previews before it started. I kept thinking I’d run out during a slow scene, but there never was one.

And now I have to leave the movie dream world of flames, rebellion, lot of running and mutilated dogs and actually do some work. Have a great weekend. Remember that the sun is bad for you. You should really stay out of it and spend 2.22 hours in a cool dark theatre.