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In the midst of trying to decide if I’m too lazy to make myself an espresso, I mindlessly made myself six. So I had to drink them all, and now I feel like building a whole village of creepy little sandcastles and then rolling on top of them. It helps that I’m walking distance from my favorite Jersey beach, and nobody’s here and the sand is the perfect semi-moist consistency you need for creepy sand castles.

But when you’ve had six espressos, hand-eye coordination goes on the fritz. So does attention span, short term memory and the ability to stand still or follow a train of thought to the station. Plus I can’t find my keys! So while I was in the middle of two things due today, now I’m making playlists on GrooveShark for every possible mood I may or may not ever ever have, and seriously resisting fun with exclamation marks!!! Then I accidentally heckled the worst parker in the universe. Seriously. He parked like 5 feet from the curb, which isn’t really parking so much as stopping in the middle of the road and getting out.

So in case you’re wondering, Bruce Springstein’s ‘I’m on Fire’ is perfect for every mood. And on a totally unrelated note, Jenny Lawson’s ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’ can now be yours. It’s a book not a song because she’s a writer not a singer. I haven’t had the chance to read this one yet, but I’m super excited to. The trouble will be finding a good place to read it. Her blog, TheBlogesss makes me giggle and when I giggle at a book the book gets stolen by my BF or sister before I have a chance to finish it, which drives me mad, but how can you begrudge someone for wanting to giggle?