Some dummy in a truck rear-ended my sister this morning. Then he tried to drive away so she followed him until he pulled over. She’s a bad ass. He’s just an ass giving Jersey drivers a bad name. I’m from south Jersey so I know they don’t teach peeps to drive like dummies, it must get conditioned in over time. At least I don’t recall hitting the gas pedal at a red light on my driver’s test.

If I were with her when it happened I would’ve been shaking some intimidating fisty fists his way accompanied by the stink eye. But since I wasn’t there, I’m calling on my sunshine faeries to make the roads a safer place. Don’t know what sunshine faeries are? They look like this:

Sons of Anarchy still

Only they’re the real deal. Ever notice how clouds break and grey skies turn bright blue every time a gang of sunshine faeries zip by? I have.