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Now that we’re almost into our fifth month of the year, perhaps it’s a good time to look back at the list of hopeful pursuits that were made back in January. Not our own, mind you. Other people’s.

My family isn’t really the setting resolutions types. We prefer to choose one ridiculous thing and try to do it. Something qualifies as ridiculous if it seems clearly out our means, ability or character to do.

This year my sister decided she would watch a sunrise from the beach. Actually, she wanted to watch a sunrise once a month, but that’s since been revised to just one single sunrise. Had she said she wanted to run a marathon or backpack the Appalachian Trail I would’ve cheered her on and joined along, but the idea of watching the sun rise seemed so simple. Anyone can do that.

As it turns out, sunrises are elusive, and the mind is just an evil thing when it wants sleep. It tells you all kinds of lies like ‘You can still see the sunrise at 8 am’ ‘It’s too cloudy, cold, treacherous…’ all along chanting ‘go back to sleep’. Since the waking up early thing isn’t working out, we’ll have to try the up-all-nighter, but that will have to wait because I’m deep in deadline city and no one grants extensions for post-sunrise delirium.

So while I’ve so far failed to to help my sister witness dawn, I did discover a new vice. Like all good things, it came into my life when I wasn’t even looking for it:

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Why have we never met before? I now feel like I have no friends at all or surely someone would have introduced us. You’re cheap and awesome and gluten free. I’m a touch salty with a sweet tooth. We’re a perfect fit. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, don’t ever leave me. Mmmkay?