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Okay so here’s something to get giddy over: System of a Down is coming to town, sort of. In case you didn’t notice the serious number of exclamation points, System of a Down is one of the best bands ever. If you don’t agree, back away from the computer, walk to the mirror and ask you what’s wrong with you.

Serj Tankian from System of a Down

Serj Tankian’s voice is unreal and some of their time signatures are so weird I can’t stand it in the best way. Listen to Radio/Video and you’ll know what I mean. Plus they have a sense of humor too rare in metal bands: ‘Hey man, look at me rocking out/ I’m on the radiooooooooooooo’.

My rowdy darlings are playing Philly, Jones Beach and the PNC Center in Jersey. The shows aren’t till August and tickets just went on sale a few days ago so none are sold out yet. I always think wherever I want to go is where everyone else does so I end up all anxious about getting tickets. Usually, if its a film or reading, I’m one of the only people to show up. I would love for that to be the case with this band, but  I’m happy to share if it means they’re ridiculously successful. I guess.

But what is up with LA bands not playing NYC? I just got into a little email kerfuffle with one LA-based manager over the issue. I even offered to write out directions. He did not accept my offer, but he did bitch slap me with a snarky response. Must figure out that hot key.

And on the sad news beat:

The world says good-bye to another Brooklyn-born artist, Maurice Sendak. NPR shared this exchange about a favorite fan comment. It may have been the same interview in which he spoke about being an atheist. Terry Gross asked him it it gets harder to be an atheist with age. He’d recently lost a friend and sounded incredibly sad. He said this:

 “…And since I don’t believe in another world, in another life, that this is it. And when they die they are out of my life. They’re gone forever. Blank. Blank. Blank. And I am not afraid of death.” (npr.org)