No sun or running for a few more days…I didn’t even know  heat exhaustion was a thing. Oh, it is. A thing that can escalate to heat stroke, a medical emergency. And it’s not just a thing for seniors. Nor does it exclude those of us who will stop at nothing to evade doctors, first aid and anything else medical. Denial doesn’t help.

I’m writing this in my Jewish grandma voice:  Drink way more water than caffeine and pay attention to your body. If you suddenly feel really ill after time in the sun, do whatever you have to do to cool down and drink water. And eat, ya too thin.

And now for some pics!

So glad this is still up in Asbury Park, NJ

This is the Jersey Shore

Seagulls run the joint

It’s was all mine for a fleeting moment.

Till they showed up. Until the Fall, ocean.

I got things to do anyway. If I could only find my niece…