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Passion is the third book in Lauren Kate’s YA Fallen series. If you haven’t read Fallen and Torment, you’ll be confused and this review will probably contain some spoilers so look away. This story feels a lot like a teenage soap opera. I started it on a YA kick last summer and now I’m in too deep to turn the channel.

Passion by Lauren Kate

Remember Luce and Daniel? Luce got herself into some trouble and landed in a school for bad kids in book one. There she met Daniel, and it was crush at first sight. By book two we know that Daniel and crew are fallen angels, some who’ve sided with the dark side. To keep her safe, Daniel takes Luce to an even special-er school for rich kids and angels. Here Luce digs a little deeper into elements of the world humans aren’t meant to see.

Luce knows her love with Daniel is cursed. She knows she’s met him before and loved him in every short life she’s ever had, and she’s had many. For some reason none of her friends will tell her what she needs to know most of all – why they’re cursed. She’s convinced that if she can figure out the reason for the curse, perhaps she can stop herself from another fiery death.

Luce has a plan, and for the first time she feels in control. She races back in time to visit her past lives, landing first in Moscow moments before the Nazis invade. Then she hops through her history like monkey bars to the front lines in Italy as a nurse, Victorian England, Tahiti, Rococo Versaille  and deeper and deeper into the past. Daniel stays hot on her trail, an ananchronism, or man out of time.

The scenes are imaginative and really well done. Time travel is a tricky thing in plots, but Kate makes it easy to go with the heightened logic of what’s possible. As  a whole, I found the non-stop time travel exhausting because there’s so little tension. You know and Luce knows that her past selves will die so there aren’t any surprises or urgent stakes until the very end.

The next book in the series, Rapture, seems like it’ll be more exciting. I’m not in a rush to read it, but that’s just me. With the exception of Vampire Academy, I tend to lose steam with series.

What about you? Do you prefer series or stand alone books?