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I couldn’t wait to read this book. The author and I are alums of the same department at Tisch. I arrived after she graduated so we never crossed paths, but there’s still that inclination to automatically cheer for someone who rode the little elevator to the 7th floor and tried to win over the same scruffy men (mostly) in the same rooms as I did. Now I dread writing honestly about it, but here goes.

This was a dull, annoying read for me.  In poking around, people either love or hate this book. Here are some positive reviews.

The Year of Yes

After years of errors in dating judgement, Headley decides her taste in men sucks, and that the only way to rectify this is to spend a year saying ‘yes’ to anyone who asks her out. You need to know she was 21 and lived in NYC at the time, which makes this a very juicy concept for a book.

By all appearances, Headley chases love like it’s never been chased before. Personally, I think this is a flawed premise, but I was willing to go along with it for the sake of enjoying the book. Chapter 1 drew me in despite a few red flags, but the rest of it reads like it was copied from a college diary and for some reason published.

One of the problems I had is that Headley really wants you to know that she’s read a lot of books, which makes for pretentious writing overloaded with unnecessary references. Also, she’s repeatedly self-deprecating about her appearance, and yet cannot resist constantly describing her looks and how attracted all men are to her. There’s an entire passage dedicated to her curvaceous butt. We all have our vanities, but to me this is a memoir at its most indulgent. The author’s appearance is far less relevant than her age and willingness.

On the plus side (Yay!) there are some good ideas here for anyone in a dating dry spell. Headley makes eye contact, smiles at strangers and basically puts herself out there and people naturally respond. I did like the scene where’s she’s dancing in a club wrapped in a homemade plastic tube top. It reminded me of how gross clothes would smell the next day back when smoking was allowed in NYC venues. Good times!

Interested? Read the first two chapters. If you like her voice, you’ll probably like the book.