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[UPDATE AT LAST:According to BrooklynVegan, this second show goes on sale Friday at noon. It’ll be at Music Hall as predicted. Good luck getting tickets, guys! All tickets are Will Call, which should stop scalpers.]

There may just be cause to procrastinate after all, provided all the scalpers don’t suck up all the tickets again. BrooklynVegan announced that there will be a second Quicksand show, peeps. Do you know what this means? Good times in dark places hopefully. Also, I’m betting they have loads of younger fans who will manage to kick me in the head whilst dancing.  This happened at a Foo Fighters show, but I have a very resilient head.

No word yet on when they go on sale so still don’t get your hopes up, unless you want to. Sapolsky says anticipation is the dopamine jackpot. I’ll take it.

I’m assuming the show will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg because that’s where many of BP’s add-on shows happen. Does anybody actually like this venue? Pardon the mood, dopamine hasn’t kicked in yet.

Cheers & good luck getting tix this time.