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Uma Thurman may have bought tomatoes right before me at the Union Square market yesterday. At first I had to wonder ‘Am I living above my means’, but who isn’t in NYC. Really all I care about is what she’s making with hers because I’m nosy. One last heavenly salsa with cilantro and lime for me.

I love it here so much this time of year I kind of want to eat it up. So it’s the city I blame for my behavior this week. After finishing up a contract that felt like it would last an eternity, I let a client go. A steady, but obsessive client with a trigger happy finger who, over the course of our time together, took to calling me at all hours of the night. Now I can take my phone off of silent and pour more energy into the projects that don’t make me want to cry into a drink at 10 am.

But first a walk across town to The High Line and then uptown to charm a new client and maybe hide his phone just in case. I pass a nutty little theatre that has produced some of the worst shows ever. It’s one of the places where young theatre people can still get their foot on a stage. I’m glad they’re hanging in. A venue manager once smirked about the closing of CBGBs as a simple matter of survival of the fittest, but it’s not such a simple matter. And in any case, his venue is gone now, too.

One of the playwrights I met at that same little theatre had a voice and style so unique I thought for sure he’d be the next to get scooped up by Hollywood. I was wrong, but really hoping he still writes plays when a psycho-cycle almost plows right into me. It has a motor but no blades, which is a minor comfort. The High Line, only four avenues away, now feels too far and too empty of familiar faces.

I arrived early to my meeting, drank too much caffeine and talked so fast I inhaled my own words, but didn’t scare them off. In my 20s, I would’ve slapped myself for even considering letting a client go. In my dirty thirties, it only makes sense to be choosey. I wish I could reach back and tell my younger, hyper-nervous self to quit worrying so much and enjoy some salsa.

And by the way, there are some awesome events coming to town in the next few weeks. If you like wine, check out Wine Riot, just don’t swallow every glass or you’ll be a drunky monkey before it even gets rolling.