I think the birds here are just as stubborn as my sister, who refused to evacuate her place on the Jersey shore. Aren’t animals supposed to have better survival instincts than to flutter around as a hurricane nears? Our fire escape blue birds are already back to chasing each other around, only today they’re zipping over fallen limbs are random debris – bottles of shampoo, torn tarps, a witches broomstick and other runaway Halloween decorations.

We lucked out and didn’t lose power or face flooding in our part of Brooklyn, but over 5 million in the tri-state area did. Family on the Jersey shore lost trees and had to chase down a canoe and some nervous puppies- today they’re as fine as can be sans coffee and power.

Walking around North and South Slope today is a different story block by block. Some look unaffected –

– while others look like, well, like they’ve been through a hurricane.

post-Sandy Brooklyn

As you can see, Brooklyn firefighters are getting younger and younger.

tree roots pulled through slate sidewalk

Another fallen tree

There’s a car under that one, too

And a few Halloween lifts post-Sandy:

Even the ghosts like to storm watch

Tonight I’m cooking a favorite comfort food, Kitchari. A friend’s Bengali mom taught me how to make it years ago and no one-pot dish has rivaled it since. I hear they make this in parts of India during the monsoon season. I will chop and simmer and hope to hear from friends on the shore who haven’t sent any words of their safety yet. Millions can’t because power and phone reception is still down in a number of areas. Hopefully some communication will kick in soon. Sending big hugs to everyone in the mean time.