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You know how sometimes saying that you’re cold makes you feel less cold because you’re preoccupied with whining? Well the Gaslight Anthem played last night, and I was a little cranky for missing it. Another tragic case of I-didn’t-know-about-the-show-till-it-sold-out-itus. Tried to cheer myself up by making ginger snaps. Substituted maple syrup for molasses and the results remind me why baking is not my forte. Taking too many liberties does not a good cookie make.

I took a walk instead and saw a sign. Turns out that my Kristen Wiig is filming a movie in my neighborhood and now the world is a wonderful place again. I will not stalk her. I will not stalk her. BUT if I should happen to run into her maybe she would like to try some of my ginger rocks. “Bring them by my fancy trailer and we’ll act out our favorite scenes from Bridesmaids whilst gnawing on them. Then we’ll be best friends,” she’ll say after I accidentally bump into her. It could will happen.

It’s not easy to make new friends as an adult, but cookies are a pretty good ice breaker. Tooth breakers, too. Why do you obsess over something you’re so bad at? For one thing, baking yields sweet rewards. At least it says it does. Baking lies. Unless you have a knack for it whatever you pull out of the oven rarely measures up to the promises in your head. But I will not grump over it because Kristen is not the only dream friend coming over.

The Airborne Toxic Event is playing two shows at Webster Hall January 15th and 16th. The first show sold out fast, but tiks are still available for the second. Why is that, NYC? This band puts on a show that you can’t not dance to. Even my sister bops and she rarely dances unless you threaten her with moves like The Escalator. You do know The Escalator?

I tried to wean myself off of TATE, but not many contemporary bands have their loose, Devil may-care sound with songs that carry a narrative. Then again most bands don’t have Mikel Jollett writing their lyrics. When you see them live your eyes don’t know where to focus. Steven Chen is all over the place manning guitar and keyboard, looking like he’s going in and out of his own world, and you really want to go that world. You do have to pay attention though because they jump off the stage a lot and show’s over if you don’t catch them. I felt all happy for days after seeing them last November at Terminal 5.

If you, too, are feeling grumpy for some silly reason, listen to Handwritten or Airborne’s eponymously titled album and go hug Kristen Wiig. Or read Mikel’s short story The Crack. It’s excellent in a dark and lovely way.

And then come very close to this screen. Closer. Closer. That’s enough. Now play the below video really loud.

It’s nothing like seeing them live, right? Next time we should pay more attention to show listings.