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It’s November and my windows are all open. Did we skip winter or something? I’m not complaining, but it’s weird to be hot in the northeast come November. At least now we can tell who the robots are. They’re the “people” who pass my building wearing ski caps and scarves on a 60 degree morning. What they want, nobody knows.

And for your information, I didn’t drink the salami tea this morning, that’s the bright side. See, my friend has a thing for salamlettes = salami + omlettes. He also has a thing for not cleaning the pan after. We don’t have a microwave so to warm up my tea I poured it into this same pan, which is black so guess who didn’t see the slick surface. The kitchen still smelled like his breakfast, but it didn’t occur to me I was infusing my tea with cured meat until I inhaled a deep steamy breath of it, thankfully before that first sip.

That’s the closest I’ve come to eating meat since the doughnut incident a few months back. I was picking up keilbasa for family at the meat shop around the corner when a gluten free, vegan sweet caught my eye. Score! Of course I had to get one – it had chocolate on top. Though it smelled more like mysliwska, I went in anyway. Mid-bite I was greeted by this weird puff of meat air in my face. It was awkward. On the bright side I’m done with doughnut cravings for the rest of my life.

On a happier note, Dave Hause has my favorite new CD out called Devour and you can listen to it on the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, of all places. The way the songs come together, this is the first album in a while that I felt compelled to buy simply because the whole thing is so good, no cherry picking individual songs from iTunes.

I discovered Hause sometime not so long ago either when he opened for Bouncing Souls or Gaslight Anthlem. Then heard him again last May when he played with Social Distortion at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. You know when you first discover a new band or author and play their only album a million times until every lyric feels like it belongs to you, then the sophomore album comes out and it has almost no chance of measuring up? Well that doesn’t happen when you “discover” someone who’s been around. Instead you sink in, or you don’t.

Hause puts on a show that gives you goosebumps with its sincerity. It’s easy to see why so many bands want him to get the crowd going, he’s disarming. His big voice and warm stage presence connects, reminding you that live music can be a pure experience. Devour is his second solo project after Resolutions and before that there’s two albums from the punk band The Loved Ones. So sink in. Give him a good listen and then give yourself a huge gift and go see him live. Hause tours constantly – Asbury in January and Brooklyn in April – and I think he’s finally headlining. He may be part robot.

Speaking of poetic punks, this started out as a post for Lou Reed, a man I first encountered out of context when I first moved to the city in ’99. Shortly after that I sunk into his music so deep there was no coming back up. I was lucky to cross his path a few times at St. Anne’s Warehouse. Stories for another day. We lost a really good one this week.