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I finished up this year’s running goal of 1200 miles a few days ago. It’s the most I’ve ever ran in  year. I’ve checked my log twice to make sure I calculated right because it feels wrong to be done early when I assumed I’d be running right until midnight tonight. My 2014 goal is 1400 miles to correlate with the year. The hardest part for me of increasing mileage is staggering the long and light runs with days off so I’m not wiped out all the time. Green drinks and grazing throughout the day helps, but birds are the real mascots. Keeping an eye out for cardinals and blue birds and the rare raccoon makes city running feel a little less stagnant.

I also finished a scarf for my boyfriend and the blanket I started knitting for my oldest niece when she was two. It was supposed to be a belated baby blanket, but I knit slow and she grows so fast. Now she’s five and finally this past fall I committed to getting it done by the holiday. When I couldn’t find the same purple yarn to match the first half, I switched to her newest favorite color and knitted every single night until the thing was longer than me by a few feet. It should last through her teens if she wants it to.

My grandma taught me how to knit in grade school and I quickly fell in love with the craft. However holey my first few scarves were, my family still wore and stayed warm in them. My most ambitious endeavor was a fluffy pink scarf for my sister. I scented my fingers with lotion while making it so it would always smell good. For some reason our well trained cat mistook my hard work for his littler box not more than five minutes after I gave it to her.

I put my needles down in college. It wasn’t a conscious quit. I used to do it when watching television and I didn’t have a television at school. I also ran out of people to knit for and didn’t have the time or money to buy the yarn. I didn’t pick knitting pack up until my late twenties. A cold weekend at my pregnant sister’s house reminded me how good it feels to make something that will keep someone warm for years to come.

I’d knit at night while watching old horror movies and Homeland and to this day my hands get antsy whenever something sinister happens on screen. We zoom into an abandoned house as something dark awakens and I pick up my work in progress and think about the little cold feet that will find security and comfort beneath her blanket. Now she has a little sister and I have a new blanket to start on January 16th, the next full moon.