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My fleece balaclava is one of my favorite things in the world right now. When temperatures dipped into single digits this weekend, the soft fabric covering my face took away the wind’s bite and kept cold air from burning the back of my throat. I’ve had it for years now, but only ever wore it a few times before, mostly thinking people would mistake me for a bank robber or ninja with limited peripheral vision. Now I realize nobody sees me at all. That’s right, the balaclava apparently gives me the power of invisibility. Yesterday alone I had three close calls with two cars and a hyper cyclist. Invisibility is the only possible explanation unless drivers are so focused on navigating massive piles of slush on top of ice sheets that they’re forgetting to heed traffic lights. And maybe I should pay a little more attention, too.

Be careful running in the cold. Being temporarily invisible doesn’t mean you’re not hit-able, run over-able or flatten-able.

Can't see me. I'm invisible.

Can’t see me. I’m invisible.

Yesterday I was sitting on my couch chatting with my sister on the phone sipping tea and feeling all cozy when out of nowhere this giant shadow dips down. With its wings fully spread it looked like a winged lion minus the tail and mane. Then I got really excited because it had something in its talons and my sister just loves when I send her pictures of dead things.

hawk with prey

hawk with prey

Thankfully my camera was close so I zoomed in to see it was a hawk, maybe a red-tailed hawk, either getting ready to eat or nurse a dead pigeon back to health. You decide.

hawk with prey

hawk with prey

Sadly no in-flight pictures with his huge wings fully spread. I was too busy admiring that beak and wondering why on earth I’d ever get glasses when without them the world looks like a much more magical place. Hawks are cool, but nothing says “Don’t you dare run me over, cars” like a winged lion pet.

24 miles down /1376 to go.