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I’m a little giddy over the next few weeks. Is it wrong to get excited when the person you live with goes away for a few weeks? Nah. As much as I enjoy his company, I can’t wait for consecutive days of solitude. Days and days of I do what I want. There will be musicals and a My-So-Called Life marathon. I’m going to run until my legs get wobbly and eat cookie dough (my gf, vegan recipe obviously has no eggs). Maybe I’ll go really nuts and read in the tub til the water gets cold.

my sister flies

my sister flies

My little sister lives alone so she doesn’t understand what I’m so excited about. Living with a partner encroaches on impulses. I used to run or wander during the day and get my best work done at night. Maybe I’ll experiment with my schedule, read a few of the books my brain keeps shoving away as being “too homeworky”.

The Artist's Way

The Artist’s Way

Have you guys read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way? It’s structured like a 12 week course, a chapter a week, with exercises to help you stoke creativity and be more prolific. I received it as a gift months ago as a not-too-subtle hint to finish what is going on a three year work-in-progress. Only I keep setting it aside after a chapter or two due to equal parts laziness and not feeling like I’m in the right mind set. Same story with David Allen’s famous Getting Things Done. I’ve owned it for years and find the opening chapters so useful that I keep setting it down to “process it”.

And I plan to be very unsocial! I’ve always wanted to be a hermit living alone in the mountains, chopping my own wood and growing my own food. This is a dream my boyfriend takes offense to, but it existed long before I knew he did.

The good news is I’m pretty sure I won’t get all indoor-monstery because running forces me to go outside. I will miss my boyfriend’s company and common sense though. He always checks the weather before we leave and as a result we rarely get caught in the rain, which is good for not getting sick, but I sometimes like running in bad weather. It feels more adventurous and letting yourself be weathered out of a planned run is physically frustrating/ confusing. On the flip side, it’s not a good idea to run during tornado warnings. We hardly ever get them, but the last time we did I had some miles to catch up on and went out anyway. This was about a week before a tornado actually did briefly touch down in my neighborhood (years ago). The sky was an eerie grey with thick, fast moving clouds. My grand plan was to hold on to a tree if the world began to spin with tremendous force, so I should probably brush up on my survival instincts before he goes.

What else shall I do?

61 miles complete /1339 miles to go