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There’s no way to not feel like a klutz when I slip on ice. One hasty step on what looked like a shallow puddle sent me flying in a most inelegant way. At least it felt like flying. A fall happens so fast. One minute you’re up and running, the next you’re down hating the ground wondering what happened. By the time I scrambled back up, I kind of expected a little attention, but there was nobody in sight. My hands and knees broke the fall. Hands are fine, but knees scraped up and quickly turning a pretty shade of bluish purple. SouleMama mentioned surrounding herself with color this month, but I’m betting this is not what she had in mind.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to finish the last 4 miles running. Maybe I should’ve turned back? It felt fine then, so I’m hoping it’s just a few bruises. My boyfriend did chase me around the apartment with the hydrogen peroxide. I was thinking if your scrapes stay covered in pants the whole time then there’s not chance of infection. Better safe, I guess.

Run Faster: From 5K to the Marathon

Run Faster: From 5K to the Marathon

Curious that this happened immediately following an impulse to try out a training program. Speed doesn’t matter to me, but building up endurance does. I’ve had only positive results from the past programs I’ve tried. In fact, it was a training book called Run Faster: From the 5K to the Marathon by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald that helped me overcome the mile block years ago.

Running one consecutive mile doesn’t sound like much, but it used to seem impossible. Part of my block came from a fear of dropping dead, a panic heightened by lousy breathing and my high school track coach’s voice pushing for speed. I was an excellent kick-no-ass 400 meter hurdler then. If only everyone wasn’t always in such a hurry to the finish line. Anyway, I found a training plan for super beginners aimed at getting you to run 30 consecutive minutes in 30 days, which equals more than 3 miles at moderate pace, so I was over the mile wall in no time.

My next goal is to comfortably run 20 consecutive miles. I’ve gone further distances, but always with some walking involved and injuries. This time I want to feel bouncy the whole way no matter how long it takes. Once again I’m going to trick myself to 20 by doing a marathon training plan, also from the Brad Hudson book. This one is spread over 20 weeks, but it may take me a bit longer. Like I said, I’m slow.

Right now I feel myself slipping into milking-this-injury mode. It’s time to show off these bruises and see if I can’t get my fellow to make me something good. Earlier I mistook the ginger paste for the apple sauce and it was not delicious. Last week I mistook the cayenne pepper for the paprika. I’ve been through a lot.