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I ran about 4 miles today, but I feel like I should get credit for 8 miles. Wind is why. This time of year it’s impossible to see how wildly windy it is when there aren’t any leaves on the trees. Lack of blue birds outside our window should have been my first clue. Checking the weather would’ve helped, too, but the blue sky said, “Oh, don’t worry. Step away from the screen.”

Of all the days to rush out the door without my hat and gloves. They’ve been my security blanket this month. Even on the warmest 50 degree days I’ve brought them with me. By the time I rounded the corner and had to take a step back to brace against the wind, my apartment was 30 long steps too far away to go back.

Still I’m glad I went.  I don’t think I’ve ever regretted a run. Not when I’ve turned around after the long straight stretch along the boardwalk to find the black clouds of a thunderstorm opening. Not when micro hail accompanied the final stretch. Not even when I dressed myself wrong on a 9 degree day and couldn’t feel the tips of my fingers for hours.

Weather can make the most routine runs feel almost epic. Where high winds, heavy snow or rain is an annoyance when you’re commuting, it’s an asset to outdoor workouts. Heading back is usually the easiest part of my run because its down a slope, but today I had my very own resistance trainer forcing more fight out of every step. Thanks, cold wind! Now that I can feel my fingers I mean it.

For the record, I’m not cheating on my mile log – 4 miles is 4 miles. This just felt like a bigger 4 mile run than usual.

What about you? Enjoy any surprisingly epic runs lately?