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Day 2 of my 21-day cleanse. Yesterday I was wrong in saying that cutting coffee would not be difficult, so very wrong. We have a love/hate relationship, me and coffee. I hate being dependent on it and loathe the headaches when skipping it, but there’s something so comforting about a hot cup of black coffee. The smell is what really gets me, but I’m not about to ask my BF to stop brewing some just because I want to stick my face in it.

My Special Agent Dale Cooper knows

My Special Agent Dale Cooper knows

I have a few tricks for dealing with cravings. After all, the whole point is to do something good for the body, not feel deprived. The main thing is to focus on the positive. Today that includes a whole pitcher of freshly brewed mint tea and nutritional yeast on some tomato brown rice with spinach. For dinner I’m looking forward to a homemade veggie burger, cashew nut gravy, sweet potato smashies and asparagus.

If you’re going to do a cleanse, nutritional yeast is a good protein to have on hand. It has a pleasantly cheesy taste and texture. While not always necessary, sometimes you want to jazz up a salad or plate of veggies.

nutritional yeast

nutritional yeast

An unexpected side effect of this cleanse is how my apartment is starting to look. I think it’s normal to fight cravings and feel a little cranky in the beginning, especially when the fellow sitting right across from me is enjoying a Cadbury egg with his coffee. To curb the urge to inhale his food, I clean. My kitchen and bathroom are sparkling.

Today is a day off from running, which is good because it’s drizzly. After finishing up some work, I’ll do yoga for about 40 minutes and have another green drink after. One thing I keep thinking about is how starting a cleanse reminds me what it was like to start running again after years of not. Thoughts like “Why am I doing this?” and “This is pointless” float around as they used to when I’d get winded after 2 minutes of sprinting. It takes conviction to keep going, lots of patting on the back and quantifying.

Part of the reason I track my mileage is to keep pushing myself, but it’s also rewarding to look back on a month a see you ran over X amount of miles. In 20 days I’m going to high five myself for the re-boot and getting a grip on bad habits. And then I’ll probably get tipsy on that first glorious gulp of Pinot Noir.


Wait for me...

Wait for me…