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Today begins the 2nd week of my 3-week cleanse. I’m 1/3 of the way through and going strong with only a few ups and down. Weekends are naturally more challenging when others around you are indulging in Friday pizza and wine, but I knew this going in. Last week, I constantly reminded myself that doing this cleanse was my choice. Nobody’s making me do it and nobody but me cares if I stick to it. For some reason I find this motivating.

As I mentioned before, getting enough calories to fuel up for morning runs is tricky. After a few days I surrendered to afternoon runs instead. Early spring is perfect for slow, easy runs anyway. With patches of daffodils popping up and woodpeckers making their tiny presence known, there’s plenty of distraction and no need to speed up just to keep warm.

Yesterday I broke the 400 mile mark toward my 1400-mile goal for the year. I’m slightly ahead of pace and planning to add a few longer runs into the mix post-cleanse.

One thing a lot of people mention when they try a cleanse is the energy increase. Last week this came mostly in spurts when I wasn’t whining about missing coffee, but overall I can tell its steadily increasing. Sometimes the 2nd green drink feels like a sugar rush minus the crash. On Day 4, I had so much scattered energy that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I cleaned and cleaned, moved furniture around by myself and kind of felt like Nadine on Twin Peaks after she wakes up with super strength. What finally honed the mania in was not a return to high school, but a hair cut.



My sisters all tease me for still cutting my own hair, but I love doing it. I’ve done it ever since high school after returning home from my first horrifying trip to the salon and deciding that was something I never wanted to do again. Too much touching. Am I the only one who can’t stand the whole salon experience – namely being touched and washed by strangers then planted in front of a huge mirror while they load product on your scalp?

I regret that I have but two heads of hair to cut, (mine and my BF’s). I should have started with a trim. Oh well. My inner Nadine will find another outlet.