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This morning I found 4 pennies over the course of my 8 mile run. That’s 1 cent every 2 miles. Do you know what this means? I’ve gone pro.

How does it feel to be a professional runner? you ask.

It feels pretty good. I just hope the money doesn’t change me, you know. Right now the 4 pennies are stacked on top of a small list of all the gear I’ll be needing now that I’m fancy – shinny shoes, a horse, an amusing assistant to wear drinking helmet with long straw for me, a lifetime supply of coconut water – the usual.

It’s time for some hip-opening stretches. Lately, I feel a slight strain around the hip rotation area during my runs. It’s not painful, feels more like a muscle waking up after sleeping through the first half of the workout. It’s probably my own fault. My stretching routine is pretty lazy because I’m in a rush to get to the shower. Also, there’s no money to be made stretching as any change on the floor was dropped by me.

I hope your Saturday is as prosperous as mine. Off to shine my pennies.