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I thought I knew pizza. Before going gluten free and vegan three years ago, pizza was this greasy food everyone but me seemed to crave at all hours. I never really got why so many people in the city in particular craved it. Then I threw pizza out the window along with pasta, breads and most other foods I thought I couldn’t have anymore back when I had no idea there are so many gf, v alternatives.

Naturally, after giving pizza up it became the only thing I wanted. I wanted a cold slice with congealed cheese and onions for breakfast. I wanted the weird kind with eggplant and brussels sprouts always. I wanted to sit in a pizza parlor sipping soda between luke warm bites while two Brooklyn toughs talked about girls behind the counter.

Into the myriad of cookbooks I went, desperate to find a crust recipe. The results were nothing to throw a pizza party over. Frankly, they were depressing. My first attempts were dry, rock hard, crumbly piles of tastelessness. Then one day I got tired of hearing me talk about the simple beauty of crust, sauce and toppings. I looked at my marked up cookbooks and compared them to my inedible results and begged my bf to help me. I love cooking, but any recipe that relies on a baker’s precision destroys me. Measuring cups and me don’t get along. I can’t resist the urge to pinch out what looks like a tsp of baking powder rather than taking the time to use a measuring spoon. Too busy!

My go-to treat has taken a long time and countless failures to develop. It’s morphed into a monster, a delicious monster that’s more of a tasty flat bread topped with veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers) and sauce. You can eat it with a fork, but the crust is stiff enough to hold like a slice of pizza. This is my happy comfort food after a long week, or a reward for running further than I’ve ever run before, which still isn’t THAT far, but I’m getting there.

I’ll be happy to share the recipe if I can ever persuade my bf to write it down. For now, feast your eyes!

gluten free vegan pizza

gluten free vegan pizza

My sister recently convinced me to switch out homemade marinara for this other-wordly creamy garlic sauce that never fails to have me licking my plate (no shame!). The sauce is made from a little vegan butter, chopped garlic and coconut milk. The sauce seeps into the crust so we do a thin layer on bottom and clump the rest on top like a gooey cheese.

gluten free vegan pizza

Will run for pizza

Life post-cleanse is good.