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By now we all know yesterday was National Running Day. I found out when nice people with a sign gave us a big cup of water at the top of the hill. Perfect positioning on a warm morning. Thanks for the water, but imagine how many more people would get the itch if we had National Running Year.

My May running was all over the place, not in frequency but in actual location. My apartment started to smell like toxic wasabi thanks to whatever chemicals the construction crew is using on the apartment below. Working from home was making my head hurt, so I spent the rest of the month on futons. Change of scenery is always a boost for my mileage, but my sisters and nieces are trying to kill me with sugar. Sure I could’ve say no to the gf homemade doughnuts and daily I-deserve-this-chinos, but I didn’t. It’s practically summer and when I’m not working I’m wearing my vacation shorts and chopping watermelon for sangria.

Vegan ice cream hasn’t made its way to their local stands, so I was safe from that indulgence. Until I got home and discovered that the health store down the street is going out of business. We never shopped there because the prices were way higher for the same things you can find around the corner, but 70% off pints of So Delicious pomegranate chip… How could I not fill my freezer? I’m the victim and here’s the primary perpetrator:

Bad influence!

Bad influence!

While I don’t recommend trying to run with a 3-year-old on your shoulders, spending time with my nieces and nephews is a heaping dose of happiness.

Once my younger sister and I were finally able to shake the little ones and squeeze in a run, we had a meeting with the helmet angel. She was riding her bike and I was running about a block behind when an older man stopped to block her path. He looked like he had a lot to say, so naturally I hurried by to let her fend for herself. “Fall behind, stay behind”, we always say.

Turns out he saw she wore no helmet and felt compelled to tell her a story: A few weeks ago at 7-11 he stopped a guy who pulled up on his motorcycle without a helmet. He gave the guy a hard time for being dumb and made this stranger promise to put his helmet on. A few days later this big biker guy surprises him in the street with a bear hug, thanking him for his life. According to helmet angel, the day after their 7-11 talking to, the biker was hit by a car and landed on his head. Luckily he wore a helmet. Maybe this is true, I hope so. Helmet angel appeared sincere. In any case, he got my stubborn sister to finally start wearing her helmet.

As for me – I ran 158 miles in May!

My plan for June is to keep running. The hotter it gets, the slower I will run. Perhaps the hilltop water fairies will return. I know thoughts of pomegranate chip will cool me down (this ice cream is Happy-Dance good).