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Humidity gets so thick lately these runs are a test of dedication, more so than winter runs. In winter you have heat tech inner layers and cozy outer layers to pile on, but in summer there’s only so much we’re able to take off. We’re slogging through anyway. Last week I passed the halfway mark of my 1400-mile goal this year. Now I’m at 758 miles for the year. It’s nice to be ahead on something.

I try to finish my runs early because for some reason vehicles are permitted to drive through Prospect Park during rush hours. There’s nothing like breathing in fresh morning air and getting a mouth full of exhaust. Cyclists do their part to slow the cars down by riding slowly in front of them. I do my part by wishing bad luck on them. Take that! Plus usually I speed up, but the section with the cars is also the biggest hill with littlest shade. It all adds up to a bunch of slaps in the face and an angry voice in my head saying “Why? Why? Why?” – normally that voice coaches me through rough runs with “just one more step” on repeat.

On the bright side, I’m finally getting an insanely early start to the day and somehow still not falling asleep till 2 am. Beating the rush our cars in the morning and figuring out our next move at night is eating up my sleep on both ends.

We’re slowly starting to check out different areas in Maine, Vermont and Western NY with plans to move in the fall. I thought moving from one Brooklyn apartment to another Brooklyn apartment a few blocks over was time consuming. That my boyfriend is going to India in the fall may throw a monkey wrench in the schedule, but for now we’re just looking, looking, looking.

I’m super excited to finally leave the city, almost too excited. Boxes are getting packed with stuff we need on a daily basis! Without my fellow’s practical, chronological thinking I’d probably fill a van and drive until finding a place that feels right. This is a rare occasion in which I wish I were living in a Stephen King novel. His stories  have small towns with mountains in sight and boarding houses where the one who’s going to survive it all can find a place to lay a head. My wish list is a little longer than a pillow though.

Finding an area with hiking and running trails is a top priority, along with a good library. Sounds simple enough, right? But for me looking for a new place to live after wanting to leave the city for so long is like grocery shopping when you’re ravenous – everything looks good, but why can’t I find that perfect bite?

Running is the only time my head doesn’t jam up with the pros and cons of living different places. My sister thinks I should consult her psychic for a much needed push in any direction, but I’m pretty sure I’d interpret anything she’d say as “It doesn’t matter where you move, you’re going to be eaten by a bear no matter what.”  I always cheated in those Choose Your Own Adventure books by peaking ahead and now it’s coming back to haunt me. Maybe these next 700 miles will help us chip away at the possibilities until all that’s left is our next home OR a hungry bear.