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It’s a dark and stormy night AGAIN. I love me some stormy weather, particularly when I’m by the shore and indoors. This summer I’ve wound up skipping a few runs because the forecast predicted storms that never came. In response, I recently decided to stop looking at the forecast. Just look out the window and go was my new mantra and it served me well.

Until yesterday when I extended what would’ve been a shorter run because the sky ahead looked clear and the evening air felt cool and breezy. About 1.5 miles later I turned around to black clouds and flashes of lightning. Lightning never bothered me until a few close calls last summer when I saw a bolt strike less than 10 feet away. Now it makes me feel like that pixelated jungle man with a measly umbrella in Coconuts, one of the best Atari games ever. He didn’t run so much as march with high knees and no matter which of the two directions available he went, he was always an unmissable target.


Nothing makes me speed up like thunder and lightning. The thing with Central Jersey shore towns is that most of them are divided by lakes so the quickest way back is down the boardwalk – zigzagging under trees isn’t an option. And when you’re the only dummy on the boardwalk in a thunderstorm you’re basically the tallest target. I made it back yesterday drenched and in the perfect mood for horror a la Friday the 13th: Part 7 (streamable on Netflix).

I guess I have a short term memory because guess who decided to go for a run when the clouds first came out this afternoon? Thunder cracked for a good hour before the rain hit. At first I chalked up the rumbles to invisible trucks and airplanes. La, la la. I only saw a few flashes, but the run back was not a good time as it’s hard to enjoy being a slow-moving target. That’s what I get for always rooting for the monkey.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks perfect for a cloudy late morning  run. I’ll be the one constantly looking back over my shoulder, expecting a horror of some sort.

Jason Friday the 13th