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After comparing the peace of early morning to the cool release of night, the jury has ruled in favor of night runs. Waking up before 6 am has a few obvious drawbacks when you’re a night person. Mostly, it’s hard to recover from longer distances on little sleep and I’m tired of being tired all the time. More runners and cyclists are out at night and this time of year I kind of enjoy being among people, provided nobody asks me for directions.

I see why people do it – if we’re running with nothing on our person then we appear local-ish and locals are always happy to point the way. The problem is that I don’t like to stop and I really don’t like having to stop and think and convey information in a coherent way. Yet I get stopped all the time with an apologetic “Excuse me”. Last night I was feeling so good at mile 8 when I made the mistake of making eye contact with a woman who looked lost. I wanted to cry as she fumbled for the name of some restaurant in Asbury that wasn’t anywhere near the tip of her tongue. Everything felt off and sluggish when I finally started back.

If I run faster maybe I’ll be out of earshot before “Excuse me” reaches my ears. If I don’t wear a cute purple cap maybe they wouldn’t even see me coming, but neither of those is happening – I like my hat and slowness is my super power. These nights filled with passsersby won’t last for long, so I’m going to try and steer them true without growling at them after. Growls are reserved for car fumes and cigarette smoke in my face.

The catch of night running is it has to be timed right in summer. I start getting twitchy to put my sneakers on as soon as my work is finished, but that’s about an hour too soon. Music is the cure. I stopped wearing headphones years ago when I quit treadmills, but now there’s this pre-run hour that’s perfect for reading and catching up with favorite bands.

As soon as I remember how much I love a band, I really want to see them play live. Since it’s summer, the odds of this happening are in my favor. Saturday night the Bouncing Souls are playing at the Stone Pony Summer Stage and Dave Hause is at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar next Friday. Sadly I had to miss his Philly show  last night on account of bad brakes. I mean that. My sister accidentally rolled into me with her car yesterday because it didn’t stop when she hit the brake. Thankfully we were in a parking lot so she wasn’t going fast enough to do damage. And I should probably avoid running in front of moving cars. In my defense, I fully expected her to stop when she saw me. Imagine our surprise when the car kept coming.

There’s a slight bruise where she bumped me, but I’m fine. I have a cup of heavenly Rook Roasters New Orleans style iced coffee in my hand, so all is right with the world. If you ever find yourself in Monmouth County, NJ you have to stop at a Rook – it’s the best cup of iced coffee I’ve ever tasted. And if you can get my sister to hit you with her car first, she’ll probably treat!

Start your day off right with Bouncing Souls covering The Kinks!