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I made an awesome dinner of gf vegan mac & cheese and cornbread with honey butter and salad last night. The gf vegan mac & cheese may sound a bit confusing, but don’t knock it till you taste it. I used Sarah’s recipe over at Vegan on the Run and couldn’t believe how creamy it was. I doubled the milk, used a bit more rice flour to thicken it and mixed in caramelized peppers and onions.

The reason I made the mac was to have something to go with my honey butter and cornbread. Sometimes I crave it – usually when I’m low on calories. Add a drizzle of honey to a few teaspoons of Earth Balance and a pinch of salt, whip it up and devour. (Okay, so honey isn’t vegan, but I’m not giving it up.)

The dinner was a bit more involved than I usually get in summer. I try to avoid baking entirely, but temperatures are fairly moderate so it didn’t heat the apartment up too much.

Generous spreads of honey butter were in celebration of a surprisingly good running month. For me, summer is my season of just doing the best I can with running. I had a heat stroke what feels like ages ago and heat exhaustion 2 summers back. I’m way more sensitive to high temperatures than I like to admit. Runs over 10 miles were well planned for cooler nights or super early mornings and they felt fantastic.

The best news is I’m on track to reach my goal of 1400 miles for the year. Close to 100 miles ahead so my new goal is to beat my last month’s self each month. Maybe I’ll even have a 200-mile month this year.

January: 139
February: 117
March: 118
Apri: 119
May: 158
June: 128
July: 165
TOTAL: 944 miles


I’m not training for any races right now and without the deadline of a registered event and the structure of a training plan I expected to slack off but it’s the opposite. At some point this summer running crept its way to the very top of my mind. There it is every time the window shows full cloud coverage or an evening feels especially breezy. Knowing how warm it can get gives some urgency to the cooler pockets. “Perfect time for a run” is no longer an observation, but the flipped switch that precedes lacing up and “Gotta go.”

A certain somebody in my life recently said I’m obsessed with running and that sounds about right, but I’m trying to figure out why that’s a bad thing. I think obsessions get a bad name, though I suppose that depends on what your particular obsession is and what it keeps you from doing. My running habit occasionally keeps me from meeting friends at bars for a drink, but it mostly keeps me from watching TV at night and reading dumb things on the internet in the morning. It keeps me from consuming empty crap so I have more room for honey butter! Thanks, running. Thanks, me.

Hope your month had some pleasant surprises, too.