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With the exception of my ugly “A”s, I don’t have an accent. People from Central New Jersey typically don’t, in my opnion. You have to go to North Jersey for the twisty tough talk so often associated with the entire state. The only person who accuses me of having an accent is my southern-raised boyfriend, who may not speak with a drawl but takes forever to finish a sentence. I’m pretty sure he’s in the middle of one now.

Hokay, maybe my attention span is a little short sometimes. Especially lately. Looking for a new place to live has never consumed so much time and energy before, but I digress.

Last night this phantom accent of mine struck out of nowhere.

Most of the day was chilly and drizzly. It wasn’t until I was the furthest point from home that the wind kicked up and slight mist turned to rain. I don’t mind running in the rain, but fallen leaves made the paved parts slippery, which slowed me down enough to get the full shower treatment.

Afterwards all I wanted was a hot shower and a whole hour of uninterrupted reading time. The windows were open, construction next door finally silent and there was still enough light coming in from the window. Relaxed from the hot shower and tired from the run, I was ready to melt into the couch and drift off to reading paradise when the phone rang.

MoonPie was calling to see what I was doing.

Reading my book, I said. Only from my relaxed state it came out like Reading my booooook.

He sound unsure and made up an excuse to hang up. Whatever, back to reading. Because of the interruption I reset the clock on my hour of reading. Good stuff ensued, including a nap. I never nap. Now I get what all the hype is about. Naps are awesome.

Later MoonPie came home scratching his head wondering why I felt the need to tell him I was scratching my butt. Apparently me saying “Reading my boooook” sounded to him like “Scratching my butt”. And he didn’t bother to question this interpretation.

Why would I say that? Sometimes you have to question how people see you. And hear you. Maybe I need to enunciate more when meeting potential landlords.