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My boyfriend had to leave town for a bit and I’m finding myself with all of this wonderful free time. It’s not like my time is normally spent idly staring at him, but life is so different when you’re going at your own rhythm. I eat what I want when I want, stay up later, wake up earlier and have even managed to catch up with a friend or two.

Much of this freedom isn’t about time so much as brain space. Since he’s not here, we’re not driving Upstate this weekend to look at places and I’m not spending half my days scheduling appointments. It’s nice to come up for air, look around and appreciate golden leaves that haven’t fallen yet. Not as much fun catching the most falling leaves on a run, though I do enjoy winning every day.

MoonPie is great and all, but I have to say things are going pretty well here. Me and myself get along swimmingly. We both love old horror movies and crave Twin Peaks like it’s a nutrient, prefer Pinot Noir to water though we acknowledge both are essential, and I don’t mind when I work to Bad Religion instead of NPR.

I think I’m the one.

We don’t have any big plans this weekend. Just happy to spend some time together. Awwwww. Might check out the Sesame Street exhibit at the Lincoln Center library and go see a friend’s play. If I’m good I’ll get me a fresh stack of library books and some yarn from the Lion Brand studio on 15th street. Pick up some Indian food at Punjabi Deli on 1st and 1st on the way home. I’m knitting my sweetheart a scarf. Don’t tell me.