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Pretty sure I ran over a few toes in Penn Station with my suitcase coming back this weekend. Either that or they’ve installed a ton of mini speed bumps attached to human legs. Now why would they do that? It’s unfortunate that some recent visitors may have suitcase tracks on slightly flatter toes, but it’s probably temporary. Next time maybe wait in the waiting area? Hovering under the track board won’t get you out of the city any faster. I’ve tried.

Happy belated Thanksgiving. As the sole vegan and gluten free person in my family, this holiday is about playing with my nieces and trying to get a scoop of spinach or cranberry sauce before someone inevitably sticks a turkey fork in the bowl. Happens every single year. It’s a tradition.

November visits require me to dig deep into energy reserves as they involve staying up late with the sisters, waking up at dawn with the little ones and chasing them around on whatever calories I can make room for in a kitchen packed with meats, cheeses and breads. The water in Lehigh Valley has a funny taste so hydrating becomes this thing I heard of once. And this year we all had bad hair because something with the water heater meant quick, cold showers and no desire to condition. Fun times! I mean it, too. Cold, hungry, thirsty, tired, funny looking and a little sore from playing the part of human playground, but it was still good fun.

Now I’m back and appreciating a cold glass of tap water while missing my little buddies. We were going to start reading Anne of Green Gables, but I couldn’t get them both to sit still at the same time unless they were on a tube about to fly down a snowy hill.

sledding with nieces

I didn’t worry about squeezing in a run while there. It’s nice to get back to my routine though. I’m debating getting a pair of Yaktrax for snow/ice running this winter. It would be nice to not worry so much about slipping, but I only fell once last winter and that was on black ice, which I’ve read they don’t work on anyway. Thing is, last year I didn’t know traction options like Yaktrax existed. Now I know and it seems both silly not to use them and guaranteed that I’ll fall all season without them. Consider me jinxed.

What to do?