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Guess who saw an albino squirrel on her run in Prospect Park this morning. It was white and fluffy and not nearly as twitchy as the fat one who chills on my fire escape. One of my favorite books this year was Kate DiCamillo’s  Flora and Ulysses about a young girl and a poet squirrel. I’m taking this albino fluff ball sighting as my gift for passing the 1500-mile marker in my running log a little while back. I couldn’t find any numbers for the US, but apparently there are only 50 albino squirrels in the UK.

No picture of the squirrel though as I rarely run with a camera. Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world rocking a flip phone, but I like the simplicity and I usually leave it home anyway. Never have I felt as out of touch as the time a few weeks ago when my 3-year-old niece kept poking at my phone and I had to explain it wasn’t a touch screen.

MoonPie just made the switch from his clunky Blackberry. Now he no longer looks like the 1980’s version of a very important business man from the future. Now he looks like he’s using every ounce of will power to not pack his stuff and move into his smartphone. We’ll see how much he loves it when I set all 10 of the alarms again for an early morning trot. Soon he’ll set a password on it, but I have a pretty good record of guessing those. Not for snooping! It’s just sometimes I need to do stuff on his stuff.