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It’s always jarring to travel for a holiday. Return and it’s like the holiday hasn’t happened yet in my little space. My boyfriend and I always go separate ways to spend time with our respective families and now here we are and suddenly time is ours again. Even my fingers don’t know what to do with themselves. See, I had this brilliant idea to knit a scarf for everyone this year, all eleven of the sisters, brothers-in-law, nephews and nieces.


Somehow I finished them and I swear my fingers have mini muscles now. Then came the fun challenge of trying to stuff them all in my suitcase. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as expected. All I had to do was forget to pack undergarments and socks and pajamas.


We finally took a night to walk around the city and look at decorations. This year we pretended to be German tourists because it was really crowded and the alternative was crankiness. Whenever I find myself walking around the city annoyed at people who are just there to have a good time, I pretend to be foreign. Foreign me is nicer AND doesn’t get asked to take pictures for people. It’s too much pressure. They want you to silently snap a nice photo fast, but the light is harsh, photobombers are plenty and there’s no time to ask “Are you sure you want to smile like that?”

I meant to share these before the holiday, but I was busy knitting and pretending to be from Germania.

Bryant park tree

Bryant Park had my favorite bluesy-purple tree again.


Macy’s windows were good, too. Last year they called it in, using a ton of digital effects. This year’s theme was Christmas on the other planets – Santa giving a young astronomy lover a tour on his space sled. Lots of LED lights, but the overall result felt old school in that you could just stand in one place and see something surprising in every corner.

Macy's window

Macy's window NYC

Macy’s window NYC

The tour through our galaxy naturally ended in NYC. Street Santa approved.

My 6-year-old niece has developed a small obsession with skyscrapers. For the parent-teacher conferences the students did a few art projects and it wasn’t hard to find hers, according to my sister. One project had them make a sandwich out of something they loved. Most of the girls did butterfly or fairy sandwiches. My little niece made an Empire State Building-wich.


As aunt it’s my duty to feed her phases. We photograph chunks of skyline whenever its top of mind.

Empire State Building

And we couldn’t not squeeze around Rockefeller.rockefeller tree 2014

rockefeller skating

I like to look up at the shiny gold flags.

flagsNow it’s time to dig up my soda bread recipe and enjoy the last few runs of 2014. You?