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I reached my goal of running 1400 miles for the year back in November. Plenty of celebratory bubble baths ensued, but you can only read in warm sudsy water that smells like honey for so long before it’s time to go again. Most of my runs over the last few weeks were shorter to maintain endurance without pushing for more.

Total miles ran in 2014: 1551

I’m happy with that. My running goal for 2015 is 1552. This is obtainable as long as I make time for at least two longer runs a week. And I know I should probably start switching to my other pair of barely worn running shoes, but I don’t want to. I have more than 2500 miles on my go-to pair. Not sure if they’ll last 1500+ more miles, but maybe they will. We’ll see. I’m attached and convinced switching will lead to injury and not willing to risk it.

With the exception of running in busted shoes, I’ve taken much better care of myself this year. For me this means taking a few vitamin supplements to round out my vegan diet, eating and drinking more and more greens, forcing myself to meditate to keep my mind from jamming up and doing the basic adult stuff like buying new conditioner when I run out instead of watering down the bottle for a month because I’ll do anything to avoid going into stores. Buying conditioner counts as adult stuff.

My agenda for 2015 is wildly ambitious. In addition to running 1552 miles, I really really really want to learn how to do a hand stand. Me and my 6-year-old niece share this goal. She has cushy mats at gymnastics class on her side. I have wood floors and lots of pointy corners, but consider this challenge accepted.

On the reading front…

I read some wonderful books this year and stopped reading ones that didn’t hold my interest by page 50. My favorites this year:

The Book Thief (haven’t reviewed yet)

The End of Night

The Winter People

Life After Life

In the Woods

Happy New Years Eve!