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And a happy new year to you. We kicked off the first day of this year with a 7 mile run. The park was surprisingly empty, but I imagine the gyms are packed with resolution-makers.

Sometimes it works. I got back into running years ago thanks to a impulsive resolution on January 1st. I was curled up on the couch feeling sluggish and sore after a minor car accident and out of nowhere remembered how much I used to love running. Then I thought ‘What if…’ and set a goal to run 500 miles. Setting the goal was the easy part, but having a goal is what got me out the door and kept me going when I had no idea why my legs turned to concrete or it felt like someone had set my lungs on fire.

So cheer to goals.

My main goal for this year (in addition to running and doing a handstand) is to finally at last move out of NYC. Where we’ll go, we still don’t know, but go we will.

7/1552 miles ran