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My sister came up for a brief new year’s visit with MoonPie and I. We cooked like a bunch of pregnant ladies, making a roundup of favorite foods that in no way went together. Now she’s gone and he’s away and I have the very first weekend of the year to myself. It’s mine, all mine.

My wild Friday night starts with a milk and honey face mask. It’s not vegan, but I make an exception because I like everything about honey from the way it tastes and glows to the crazy craft of keeping bees. It also feels good on skin. Really good.

You don’t need much. I add about a teaspoon of honey in a bowl and a drop of almond milk then stir them together (you can use regular milk, too). Application isn’t as awkward as it would seem. I use my finger and gently spread it on in small circles. I know it sounds messy, but as long as you don’t add more than a drop of milk it won’t get runny.

I read about the moisturizing benefits of honey masks for awhile, but it always seemed like work. That’s the lazy bum in me, always resisting new things at first because they seem like work. Also, it seems too simple to be effective.

Why would people spend so much money on skin care products if something as simple as honey can make you look all glowy? I guess the answer to that question is partly marketing and partly psychological. I used to live with two actresses who worked temp jobs and spent obscene amounts of money on skin care products, especially face masks. They had no qualms as a pretty face is pretty important to someone trying to get on camera. To them beauty products were an investment in their career.

To me, honey masks are my way of trying to reduce the toll running outside slathered in sun screen and sweat year round takes on the skin. Sorry, face. Have some honey. I also love that when a bit of mask inevitably gets on my lip there’s no gross chemical taste. It’s just milk and honey.

I do this once or twice a week, leaving it on for about 15 minutes. Skin feels soft and happy. I prefer to lay down and read otherwise I forget I have it on and wind up chopping onions, tearing up and feeling the mask slowly melt down my face.

This sounds like a girly thing, but MoonPie does it about once a week and goes on and on about how good his skin feels. Unfortunately he draws the line at letting me paint his toe nails, which for some reason I really want to do.

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