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We didn’t check the weather before heading out this morning in our usual running layers. We got about four blocks before I decided to go back for my balaclava. It was cold to begin with and the wind took my breathe away. I breathed into my hand on the way back wondering if maybe we should skip running today. I love the cold but today I wasn’t feeling it, or maybe just feeling it too much.

It’s hard to decide against a run when you’re already layered up, especially on a Sunday. I look forward to our longer weekend runs but today the wind was overenthusiastic. When I saw the Feels Like was -7 F and wind 26 mph, we took off our shoes and top two layers and rolled out the yoga mats instead.

Have you ever tried the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown aka insanity yoga. I don’t know about the full series, but the first level is available to stream on YouTube. Having recently finished the Yoga with Adriene 30-Day Challenge, we were looking for more guided classes online. I’ve practiced solely at home for a few years and love that guided classes always show me how much I don’t know about yoga. Adriene’s classes were accessible to my newbie boyfriend and satisfying to me, with the exception of the weird final day of “empowering” DIY. If I wanted to make up my own routine, I wouldn’t turn to a video. Overall though, Adriene’s series is awesome and the 30-day challenge is for free so I shouldn’t complain. But I do.

Jillian’s idea of yoga is the opposite of everything I enjoy about the practice. It’s challenging, but her pace flies through poses and I don’t like the flow, namely that there isn’t any. I’m surprised she doesn’t encourage grunting between double-time side planks. Forget taking your deepest breath of the day or opening up. The tension left me tired after rather than light and loose. I guess that’s her style, throwing you in the fire, but I can’t imagine many people developing a love of yoga if this is their intro.

My MoonPie kept saying how good he felt doing daily yoga with Adriene. But I could tell the Jillian workout was enough to turn him off. Luckily we discovered another 30-day challenge with instructor Erin Motz. At about 15 minutes each, these routines are shorter than I want but they incorporate some moves I haven’t done in a while if at all.

Mission handstand is a work-in-progress. My wrists are getting stronger and I can hold myself up without getting head rush too soon. Practicing breathing while inverted for about 20 seconds at a time helps. But my feet are still propped up on the wall and I’m still walking back into it on my hands. I try to kick my feet up. In my mind this works right, feet swing up and land on the wall. In reality my head slams into the wall and my feet get stupid.

Some yogi’s can go into a handstand from crow pose or a standing forward bend with elbows on the ground. I’m casting a wide net and trying all methods. For the longest time I couldn’t stretch deep enough to touch my feet then one day I had my eyes closed and realized my fingers were wrapped around my toes. Mission handstand is going to take some time, but one day I’ll be lazing about on my hands and realize my feet are over my head without the wall. And then maybe I’ll finally win the approval of my 6-year-old niece who was not at all impressed by diamond-shaped pancakes or the somewhat unsturdy two storey fort I built her.

So far for 2015:

229 miles rans