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Happy St. Paddy’s Day! A little bit of Irish luck came my way today. I just won tickets to see MUDHONEY in July at the Bowery Ballroom. MUDHONEY!



MUDHONEY is one of my three favorite bands in the universe and the only band I stalk coolly keep track of. I’ve loved them since 1991 when my punker rock oldest sister gave me their cassette tape. She had a blue mohawk when I wasn’t even allowed to cut my tangled hair so naturally her gifts, particularly music selections, were breadcrumbs to a better world.

MUDHONEY shows are a party. A big party with fans of all ages, depending on the venue, most who know every lyric to every song. Join us! But you don’t have to know every lyric to have a good time. The band knows the lyrics. They even do all the singing and playing of instruments. You just have to show up not wearing flip-flops and avoid the path of the big dudes swinging their enormous arms around, aka Big Dude Smash Dancing.

We started going to their shows maybe ten years ago, catching them play Warsaw, The Bowery and Music Hall of Williamsburg. I feel disloyal to venues I worked for admitting this, but shows at the Bowery Ballroom sound the best in NYC. It’s just a fact. Disagree?

I am more than a little thrilled. Seeing MUDHONEY play is something special. Their energy alone astounds me and then their music grabs you by the throat (in a good way!). I love getting to hear them in venues where you actually get to breath the same air. Not the precise same air molecules, it’s not like they pass around an oxygen tank, but you know what I mean. We saw RUSH when the Barclays first opened in downtown Brooklyn. Of course, they sounded great and went all out with lights and high production projections, but those things combined with a stadium’s scale dilute the experience for me. I like a simple direct equation of me + band (a few feet away) = awesome.

Did I mention I get to see MUDHONEY in July? You can see them, too. They’re playing a show in Europe nearly every day in May and hitting cities in the east coast in early July.

By the way, the tickets aren’t in exchange for blogging about the band or anything.  I just get a lot out of their music and seeing them live and I know others do, too because you can see it on fans’ faces. Join us!