Mid-March sounds about right for a February running update. See, I was busy and then I got sleepy for a while. So…

More than the handful of usual suspects pass me on the loop in the morning and that can only mean spring. Am I a bad person for not liking spring and all this sunlight? I’ve kept my curtains down most of the week because overnight everything is too bright. It takes me time to adjust to warmer temperatures and shorter nights. The biggest plus is an occasional night run now that temperatures don’t drop to single digits when the sun goes down.

I still haven’t done a 15-mile run yet this year. A weird swelling over my ankle after one 8-mile run made me nervous about pushing when the area starts to bother me. Maybe I was finally abducted by aliens and they implanted some kind of intelligent communication technology in my leg and disguised it as a mysterious, minor running-related issue… For now, I’m playing it safe to avoid injury because I depend on running like I used to depend on coffee. If I disappear, look for me up there.


My mileage ebbs and flows so the drop in February is fine by me. I’m still on track to hit my goal for the year and there’s no point in worrying that I’m not running enough. Who’s to say what’s enough? Here’s where I’m at:

January: 162

February: 127

March so far: 90

I finally read Bart Yasso’s book My Life on the Run (will write about soon) and he says sometimes running less helps you get faster, so look out. ALSO he shares his experience at a Bare Buns Fun Run. Racing in the buff might be fun depending on where and how you fasten on the bib, but I’m not sure my eyes can take in that much bouncy nakedness on the move.

Would you do a Bare Buns run? The one Yasso describes in Washington is an out and back. Keep in mind that, if you’re fast you’re going to get an eye full.