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If only. Yesterday I was coffee headache central. I stuck with my plan and had a green drink every time the dull ache in the back of my head began to sing. This added up to four green drinks, 8 ounces each. The green drinks effectively chopped off the peaks of the worst of the headaches, but by the end of the day my head was throbbing. I didn’t take any ibuprofen because that’s a last resort for me and the pain wasn’t that bad. It was sort of interesting to feel the effects of not drinking coffee, something I just do out of habit.

Whereas yesterday I woke up excited to start the cleanse, this morning I had some dread at the thought of another full day of throbbing head. I had half a cup of cayenne lime water before running 6 miles. The run felt fantastic. Sweating helped clear out yesterday’s brain fog and I started smiling and feeling good for no particular reason. The coffee headache is a fraction of what it was yesterday, a dull hum so far.

Aside from the coffee pangs, things are going okay on day two. I had another glass of cayenne lime water, which doesn’t taste bad at all. My boyfriend said it reminds him of this Indian lemonade called Nimbu Pani. I’m going to pick up some more mint today and give it a try minus the sugar. Right now I’m having hot hibiscus tea to be followed by a green drink. My go to for green drinks is 1 celery stalk, a few kale leaves, quart lime, a little ginger and a chunk of cucumber blended with cold water and strained. For today, I’m adding a few slices of apple. The recommended ratio of veggies to fruit for these drinks is 3:1.

Lunch today will be a brothy vegetable soup with salad. Dinner will be pinto bean burgers, roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower with tahini dressing, and the last of the spinach salad. It’s not wildly exciting, but familiar winners are nice to have on hand when I’m out of my comfort zone and you know coffee is my comfort zone.