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On Saturday I set out for my first 10-mile run in weeks. Since my ankle area swelled I’ve been hyper paranoid about pushing past 8 miles and quick to cut runs short. Not Saturday. I woke up on Saturday excited to put 10 miles in my legs. Did not check the weather. Those 24 mph winds were a shocker, but the extra difficulty helped with one exception: I had to keep one hand on my head for half the run because even at its tightest my hat kept threatening to launch up and let the gusts carry it far far away. Running with one hand on your head is awkward.

The extremely enthusiastic winds combined with a lower energy level overall worked in my favor and I wound up running 11.25 miles. Maybe it’s like when you’re riding a bike uphill and have to shift gears for more power. The extra resistance helped me keep my head in each mile and simply appreciate how good sunshine feels on my bare arms again.

It’s two days later and I’m happy to report I am without Frankenankles.

I’m now on day 6 of the cleanse. Weekends are by far the most difficult time and a holiday weekend compounds that. All weekend I smelled crescent rolls baking, creamy au gratin potatoes getting creamier, cakes baking and COFFEE. There are only three other families in my building, but it smelled like hundreds were eating and bathing in coffee. Plus my blender broke so I was without green drinks for a day before realizing my food processor will suffice for green drinks, smoothies and soups.

On Sunday we stopped by the Easter Parade to look at a few elaborate bonnets. This isn’t really a parade. Fifth Avenue is blocked off from traffic around 47th – 59th street. Its nice to walk down the middle of the street and take in the spectacle. Every year, there’s less spectacle and more people with cameras and now those selfie-extension poles. For every bonnet-wearer there were about 500 people jumping in front of you to take their picture. MoonPie really wanted to go this year so I tried not to be a grump about it. It’s a harmless tradition. Anyone in NYC who wants attention can get it by putting on a silly homemade hat on Easter Sunday.

After, we picnicked in Central Park with beet salad then made a feast of biryiani, saag, dhal and aloo gobi. Most Indian foods are easy to adapt for this cleanse since they’re already heavy on the veggies and spices. I tried with all my might to rationalize a glass of red wine as an important part of any cleanse, but I couldn’t do it. Yes grapes and some fermented foods are acceptable, but boozy cheats don’t make my cut, though they do make MoonPie’s.

My boyfriend is on his own selective cleanse. His sounds like it would be wildly popular if it actually did anything. So far, during his cleanse he has had bacon, lots of cheddar, beer, wine and coffee. Upon contemplating a second chocolate dipped marshmallow bunny, he did hesitate before decided his cleanse had plenty of wiggle room left.

So day 6 and I’m feeling wonderful. The coffee headaches are long gone and my mood is lighter than usual, which may have something to do with daily meditation. I even feel physically lighter, like gravity is giving me a break, letting me stay in the air longer with each stride.

Quinoa, more fresh spinach and steel cut oats will star in my next few meals. The less processed the grains, the better. Steel cut oats take a little longer, but cook them in almond milk and mix in some cinnamon and mango and it’s worth the wait.

Running Update

January: 162

February: 127

march: 153

April: 31 miles so far

Total for the year: 473

I’m aiming to beat January this month!