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At this moment I’m enjoying an apple cinnamon rice cake with a smear of almond butter and I must say I like what’s going on in my mouth. The only thing that would make this better is my beloved friend, coffee. We’ve grown distance these past 13 days since I started a cleanse, but the half-way mark is behind me. Less than 8 days remain.

The length of this cleanse is the biggest challenge. It takes endurance. As with long runs when you need to distract yourself from how tired you are, I keep finding new things to focus on. I can’t believe how many times I want to get up and walk into the kitchen not because I’m hungry, but because making a snack breaks up the day and gives me an excuse to get up. I don’t need an excuse. Why not just get up and move around, me? Instead of snacking when I’m not hungry, I’m keeping a notebook handy, taking reading breaks, lifting weights and rolling out my yoga mat for twisty poses to stimulate detoxifying organs. Basically, finding other things to do and think about besides food.

My energy levels are higher than usual. I’m used to running on an empty stomach in the mornings so the cleanse hasn’t affected my running negatively. In a way, being on a cleanse makes me more proactive with things I usually put off, including taxes and work assignments I’m not at all excited about. After cutting coffee and resisting wine and sweets, that voice that tells me I’m going to break my neck if I try a handstand without the wall is on mute. Granted, I’m toppling right over, but the courage to kick off the muddy ground and not care who’s watching is there and that rocks.

You know what else rocks? Boxes of books people set out on their stoops this time of year. My Friday walk home took me past a giant box that looked full of old computer books, but I know better. The good stuff is always on the bottom. Just look at this lovely stack of yoga books, a volume of Buddhist folk tales and Jung’s book Dreams. Other people’s spring cleaning is my prime book acquisition time just in case we wind up moving somewhere with an underwhelming library. It could happen. And now I have more snack diversions.

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