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Can I refrain from sharing a few notes from my trip? Nope. I can’t even resist telling you about our upgrade. Well, my boyfriend’s upgrade. The universe loves him. He walks by a Dunking Donuts and finds coupons for free DD coffee good that day. He calls the airline to ask if there’s anyway we can sit together and gets us an upgrade going both ways.

Brooklyn was heavy with fog on the morning we left for San Francisco. I felt a little overdressed waiting in the security line at JFK airport in a hoodie and jeans surrounded by women in citrusy sleeveless dresses and floppy sun hats. Whatever. We were heading for an upgrade. Free upgrade is the most beautiful phrase in the English language when at an airport. In our case, “upgrade” meant blankets, pillows, eye patches fancifully labeled sleep masks, ear buds, head phones, entertainment – movies, TV, documentaries, food and beverages ALL COMPLIMENTARY. And so much legroom I could’ve done bicycle crunches.

The plane to San Francisco was only about half full and we had a row to ourselves. This was my first time flying any sort of notch above economy and I have to say life is good from the middle cabin. Everyone is happier. In an instant I went from dreading the 5+ hour flight to wishing it were at least long enough for 3 movies. The food served was neither vegan nor gluten free so my boyfriend had double meals while I had two perfect strawberries and munched on the crunchies we brought. I allowed myself one glance back to the peasant section where MoonPie and I weren’t even supposed to have seats next to each other. Everyone looked chilly. I shivered under my blanket, snuggled into my pillow and watched a documentary on the Russian Ballet then Big Hero 6.

The plan was to sleep on the flight so we’d arrive in SF all ready to go, go, go. But how could I possibly sleep? What if I missed a round of free? It seemed like a waste of all that extra space to not soak in every minute of our bumpy ride. Surrendering to the comforts without closing my eyes did catch up with me, but now I have a cozy place in my mind to go to next time I fly frigid and bored with the seat in front wedged against my knees while sharp-elbowed neighbors grind their teeth in my ear. Mid-cabin passengers are too busy refreshing with blueberry frozen yogurt pops to grind their teeth, for my information.

Not to shock you, but a roomy upgrade is a lovely way to begin a trip. It made for a sleepy arrival in San Francisco, but that just made my first impressions all the more dreamy.