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Angela from Toasty Strings and Color Me Cancer pointed out the other day that Scott Jurek is currently attempting to beat the speed record by running the entire Appalachian Trail. (Thank you!) The current record of 46 days is held by Jennifer Pharr Davis. I read somewhere that he was shooting to finish by July 6th, which was day 40, but maybe that was wrong. As of yesterday’s Facebook update, he’s at day 43 with 2000 miles completed and only 189.2 miles to go.

One update included requests for vegan cinnamon rolls and someone else brought him a chocolate cake. Bill Bryson mentioned people who live along the trail sometimes bring fried chicken and other craveable treats out to hikers. Food tastes better in the woods, I think. Plus, according to a story on Pie Town on CBS Sunday morning, high altitudes make you euphoric. You’re giddy and happy and things just taste better. So eating in the Appalachian Mountains is a woodsy mountainous win-win.

Let’s send Scott some love and eat all of the plants today. It’s hot, but let’s run some trails as a cheers to this vegan ultra runner and author of Eat & Run and sharer of a most delicious sweet Inca porridge recipe.

Maine is rough going and he’ll soon be hitting the hundred mile wilderness. I know because Bill Bryson took A Walk in the Woods and wrote about it.

The feat is incredible no matter when he reaches the top of Mount Katahdin. I’m impressed with people who do it 5 months. Cheers to Scott!