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Scott Jurek set a new speed record for running the Appalachian Trail this weekend. He traveled 2,189 miles in 46 days, 8 hours, 7 minutes, beating the previous record by just over 3 hours. Way to go! For his next trick…run back to Georgia!

Me? I bought shoes this weekend. Running shoes! And then I forgot them at my sisters, so the inaugural run will just have to wait a few more weeks.

My feet are already having phantom pains from running in a shoe that is not my busteds. I’ve mentioned my busteds quite a few times here because after running more than 3000 miles in them, they’re kind of a part of my body. They’ve endured a lot and have two blown out toes to show for it. Aside from tears in the upper mesh, these Gel 1150 Asics are the best running shoe I’ve ever had. So of course they don’t make them any more. Why?!?

My boyfriend gave me a pair of Brooks last year to replace them. They look nice and fit okay, but I’ve only been able to do short runs in them. Around mile 5 this niggling pain starts and by the next day me and my busteds are back together again. We’re good together. They keep me injury free, but I do wonder if they’re holding back my endurance, so I’ve been watching the sales. The less I spend on shoes, the more mileage I get out of them. It’s a fact.

My search for a durable running shoe I can build mileage in kept bringing me back to Asics and Mizunos. I tried to check the brand of the happiest looking runners in the park, but I can’t tell what’s what from a distance and bending down while running to get a better look at someone’s shoes creates awkwardness. Asking would just be too easy.

The Mizuno Levitas was really tempting because I don’t like being dependent on so much cushioning and support, but the soles don’t seem durable enough and they’re better suited for experienced minimalist runners. Also, the more extensive review sites pointed out that your feet turn to soggy mush in the rain and the shoes don’t last as long when exposed to harsh weather. With all the technology they put into these shoes, I expect to be able to enjoy plenty of runny, rainy, snowy runs without worrying if they’ll come apart.

After boring myself with all the back and forth and ping-ponging between reviews saying the exact opposite thing about the same pair, I finally went with Asics Zaracas to transition to more minimalist footwear. We’ll see. These won’t be my only shoes. Once we move, I plan on switching to trail shoes and you know I’m never throwing out my busteds. I’m curious to feel the difference of a more minimal shoe in action. My biggest hesitance in switching to a flatter shoe was that I have high arches accustomed to more support. And the whole if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it adage kept steering me to models similar to my busteds. The thing is, my longish runs plateau around 12-14 miles and running feels a little robotic these days.

Change will be good and if it’s not I’m blaming everyone but myself. Their fault, not mine – that’s my mantra.

I’ll keep you posted. Also, why do people still refer to their feet as dogs. Can you say your dogs are tired with a straight face?