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The day’s only just begun and I’ve already had the pleasure of running past two people um enjoying each other in the park. There once was a time when I would’ve found this shocking, but I’ve lived in New York too long for that. Now I was just annoyed because they could’ve scooted over a little more on the narrow trail or chosen a more discreet spot. That I didn’t turn around I guess shows how much I hate backtracking. I can’t erase what I saw, you guys. All there is to do is blog about it and pass it on to you! That’s the theme for today – passing on the horror.

Summer can’t be all lemonade and running through people’s sexy time in the park. Warm nights are for staying up late with all the lights off watching horror movies. If you agree, check out It Follows.

It Follows

It Follows is just your classic girl meets boy, boy is weird but girl sleeps with him anyway, boy passes It on and now she will probably die. What “It” is is never explained and that’s what makes the movie brilliant. A fatal out of body STD, nobody knows where It came from, how to kill It or why It exists. A living being that can find you wherever you go and when it does it will kill you. To even the field a bit, It can only walk so you can out drive it and usually out run it. But it will always find you. Also, nobody else can see it but those afflicted so on top of running for your life, everyone else in the room thinks you’re nuts.


I loved this movie. Don’t know the actuals, but it seemed low budget in the smartest way. Once you have a premise this clever and simple, there’s no need to bog it down with fancy effects or famous faces. This is pure creepy and begs you to wonder what you’d do. Because once you sleep with someone else It follows them instead, but if it kills them before they pass it on/have sex with someone else you’re next again.


Right now It Follows is on Netflix only as a DVD. My dream come true would be to see it in the drive-in, but watching it alone in the dark past midnight was pretty good too. I can’t imagine horror fans not loving this movie, but non-horror fans will as well. It’s a super creepy innocence lost teen flick without gore (except for one brief shot that’s shocking and necessary so you know the danger is real).

I’m still thinking about it and can’t wait to watch it with my sisters.

By the way, I woke up with the music from the performance we saw last night in my head. A duet by Ohad Naharin performed by the Batsheva Dance Company opened the night and filled me up. It was perfection and over too soon. I want to see them again and again and again. Such a gift to see Batsheva dancers at all, but then what a tease to have them leave the stage so soon. I want to follow them everywhere.

Alas the evening belonged to LeeSaar The Company. I’m sure they were fantastic but all I saw were floating heads. We arrived later than planned, but managed to find seats with clear sight lines. Aside from a gold lame unitard later in the show, the entire ensemble wore long sleeve long pant black unitards against a mostly black background. I sort of need to see more than floating faces to feel engaged. Nobody around us seemed bothered by it so maybe mine is a pedestrian complaint. They did stoke my appetite for more modern dance, preferably in colorful unitards or a white background next time.

Unless of course you’re going for horror. While I’ve never attended a dance performance in the horror genre, disembodied faces make me want to, especially now.